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Adventures with Snoopy Calendar - more pictures

This page supplements the second part of the story.

Terminal ready
Power on the MicroVAX
And return it to covered state
The battery is dead so language must be chosen on each power-on
One side of the UC-07/08 controller has a problem - hence the TU811
system ready. Here you can see the whole terminal, but the flash couldn't be avoided
Login on the console.
The program is configured for the remaining months of the year
I choose to start with the current month (September at the time the pictures were taken)
The sound and smell of dot matrix printing brings back memories
The noisiest of them all (click for large version)
I just remembered to document the DEFAULT FORM before logging out
Shutdown time has arrived

A few notes. The camera was handheld, and that is the reason for various angles and colors - it's the same VT-220 terminal (that I like very much) in all pictures. I usually telnet into the VAX from my regular (Linux) computer but the terminal is mounted in the rack at a comfortable height, so I can use it as well. For better atmosphere in this story I preferred to use the terminal. On the other hand, actually using the terminal meant that I couldn't get the camera on a tripod in front of it - if you look at timestamps you'll notice that this "adventure" took a while.

1 If that side of the SCSI controller is configured as a disk controller it will always detect a disk drive even when no device is connected to it. If it is configured for tape emulation - again, it will show a tape drive even though none is connected. I did not look deeper into this, yet.
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